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The Ford Focus RS is back!

2016 Ford Focus RS

The ultimate hot-hatch, the Ford Focus RS is set to return to Australia in the very near future, with dealers officially taking orders now.

The new RS is primed to blow to socks off it’s older siblings, utilising a Turbo-Charged 2.3L Eco-Boost engine that develops 257kw and up to 470Nm thanks to Ford’s sneaky transient overboost. The engine shares a lot of parts with the new Eco-Boost Mustang, but it has been tuned by the German engineers to pack one hell of a punch.

Ford Group Vice President of Global Product Development, Raj Nair said, “The all-new Focus RS is a very serious machine with high-performance technology and innovative engineering that sets a new benchmark for driving exhilaration,”

This all sounds good and well but have they have been too innovative with their engineering?

Well, the press release from Ford states, “The Focus RS is offered exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission that remains true to the RS goal of the most exhilarating, engaging driver involvement. It continues the RS tradition of using manual transmissions as the ultimate in driving pleasure.”

It’s sounding good so far. But what about the rumour of it putting power through four wheels instead of the traditional two?

“The 2016 Focus RS comes standard with Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive – a Focus first. Ford engineers didn’t stop there. The sophisticated AWD system enabled Dynamic Torque Vectoring, which means that the Focus RS can split its torque not only front-to-rear, but also side-to-side for unprecedented road-holding.”

Super! But in the real world, what does it mean? Basically, they have stuffed a bunch of technology into this little car to make it an absolute beast, no matter where you take it.

One of the genius pieces of technology they have fitted are the selectable Drive Modes. There are 4, with the usual Sport and Normal modes being the ones that will cop the most use. But the most exciting mode is the Drift mode.

There has been a lot of discussion in the Media that all this is going to do is encourage hooning – we are going to talk about that in another article very soon – but whether or not it does or doesn’t encourage silly behaviour on the road is beside the point. For me, that mode is going to allow people to have some serious fun when they take their hot-hatch to the track to spend a day doing what it was built to do – race.

Ford have also fitted adjustable dampers and a Launch Control system. All in all this car is set up to be one of the best sports cars of 2016. But what are the chances of getting your hands on one?

Well, before it was even launched in Europe, they took more than 6200 orders. When the Australian allocation of 300 was announced, they were snapped up within hours. So if you want to get yourself into the new RS, better see a Ford dealer yesterday, because the waiting list is sure to be a long one! 

Stay tuned, we will be testing one really soon!


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