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Commodore To Live On


Holden has unveiled details of the 2018 Commodore, proving the iconic the name will live on even though it won’t be produced in South Australia anymore.

The Flagship 2018 Commodore will be a vast leap from it’s 40 year heritage, transitioning from the fabled big engined, rear drive, to a 230Kw V6 All-Wheel-Drive model, boasting 370Nm of torque and a massive 9-speed transmission.

The big sedan has been built in Germany, alongside the Opel Insignia, to ensure it is the most technologically advanced Commodore ever.

Whilst it may be coming from across the seas, Holden Australia has been hard at work testing and engineering the latest large sedan to be ready to cope with the harsh Australian conditions to ensure it lives up to its nameplate.

“We image146662_bknow the first imported Commodore will come under a lot of scrutiny and we know we have a lot to live up to – this car delivers in spades” said Jeremy Tassone, Holden’s Engineering Group Manager for Vehicle Development. “Holden has been engaged in this program from the outset to ensure the next-generation Commodore lives up to its legendary nameplate.”

It is extremely advanced compared to the Commodore’s we have seen recently. Gone is the old-fashioned rear differential. In its place is a twin-clutch system that does all the hard work a diff would normally do.

“The genuinely cutting-edge all-wheel-drive system using active torque vectoring provides incredible traction and handling finesse. The key is what is dubbed the ‘Twinster’ rear drive module. Essentially, the traditional rear differential has been replaced with two individual clutches that not only save weight and improve packaging but provides virtually instantaneous active distribution of torque to the required wheel,” Mr Tassone explained.

So no more single-peggers of days gone by. And you wouldn’t want to be seen doing one in this car. From the details below, it is set to be far more refined than any Commodore before.



  • Next-generation Commodore built in Germany on all-new, global E2 architecture shared with Opel Insignia
  • Lightweight construction methods result in 200kg – 300kg weight savings compared to current Commodore
  • Flagship model offers V6 AWD drivetrain with Holden-first 9-speed transmission
  • V6 engine delivers 230kW / 370Nm while being incredibly efficient thanks to Stop-Start technology and Active Fuel Management
  • 2.0T petrol and 2.0T diesel front-wheel drive models also coming to Australia
  • Liftback and Sportwagon body-styles
  • Cutting-edge, adaptive all-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring and twin-clutch (‘Twinster’) rear differential system
  • Adaptive suspension
  • Next-generation matrix lighting system
  • Infotainment includes:
    • Apple Car Play and Android Auto
    • 8-inch configurable LCD instrument display,
    • next-gen head-up display

Mr Tassone also confirmed one more exciting piece of news at the launch – the future of Holden’s involvement in Australian Motor Racing.

“What Commodore will also continue to do is carry the family in space and comfort. Commodore will also race in Supercars from 2018 and continue to be on the road as police cars.”

I for one doubt we will ever see a car park at Bathurst full of Mondeo’s and Opel Insignia’s, but it sure would be a sight to see.

Local pricing and full specs will be confirmed closer to launch.



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