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Mercedes-Benz Announces X-Class


Who would have thought? The big daddy of luxury automobiles has jumped aboard the ute bandwagon and it’s coming to Australia!

Mercedes-Benz announced this week the inclusion of the X-Class to its model line-up from 2018. Details are still vague, but it is set to be an outstanding citizen in the ute world. Powered by a turbo-diesel V6 and running full-time all wheel drive, the Merc Ute is set to be a class leader straight off the bat.

Mercedes have promised it is going to come fitted with all the latest Benz-tech too, including as free-standing high-resolution central display as well as the central controller and multifunctional touchpad and a communication module with on-board SIM card, it will be possible to use the extensive Mercedes me connect services.

The press release states; “Drivers can connect with their pickup by smartphone, tablet or PC at any time and from anywhere. For example, to send navigation destinations to the vehicle or query where the pickup is parked and how much fuel is in the tank. In addition to these optional remote online services, standard services such as accident recovery, maintenance management and breakdown management will also be available.”


The engine will be from Mercedes already excellent line-up of high-torque Diesel engines and will feature its 4MATIC all wheel drive system. They intend on being a serious contender, with claims that it will be as good off-road and on. And, it’s going to take 1.1 tonne in the tray and haul 3.5 on the tow bar.

It all sounds like a winning combination, but it is a long way off yet. Mercedes haven’t indicated a price but being a Benz, expect it to be well over the price of a Ranger Wildtrak.

Some people though, have suggested that the luxury German Giant don’t know how to make a ute. Well, incase you don’t recall, they made a pretty epic 6×6 G-Series a few years ago, so I have no doubt they are capable. 13C215_054

Expect the X-Class to be available from early to mid 2018.

Sadly, Mercedes Missed a great marketing opportunity in putting Wolverine into the X-Class, but then again, maybe we can bring Hugh Jackman’s clawed beast out of retirement to launch it?



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