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Nissan GT-R ‘NISMO’ Available In Aus

image151589_bAfter years of watching the elite NISMO division of Nissan dominate on race tracks around the world, Australian’s finally have a chance to get their hands on a genuine NISMO vehicle, without all that Grey Import red-tape.

After the incredible success of the Nissan GT-R Premium and GT-R Track Edition, the NISMO is now taking pride of place in Nissan dealerships across the country.

Whilst many of you (myself included) tend to think GT-R’s are just Datsun’s with some leather on the seats, this is no 120Y. The GT-R NISMO is a serious car, with some serious numbers to match its seriousness.

Power output sit’s somewhere around the 441kW region (hand-built engines can create a small variance in the numbers) whilst the Newton’s are pushing 652, courtesy of the 3.8 Litre, Twin-Turbo V6 engine. That’s 22kW and 20Nm more than the current ‘Track Edition’.


Coupled to a 6-speed dual-clutch flappy paddle transmission that utilises a wet clutch system, the car can launch from 0-100km/h in under 2.7 seconds – although Nissan won’t reveal the true speed.

It has specially tuned suspension to minimise body roll, carbon-fibre everything and even comes with an app that lets you see performance data when you hit the track. To make you feel a little more at home, the NISMO has ergonomically designed racing seats doused with Alcantara® leather and an 11-speaker Bose Stereo system – not that you would want to listen to your music after you hear the exhaust note.


The one notable downside to the NISMO is the price. $299,000* – that’s $72,000 more than the ‘Track Edition’. So from the outside, it doesn’t appear the be worth it. But for the enthusiast, this is the car to get. Especially considering it can run at 11.7L per 100km…

I look forward to seeing more of this astonishing Datsun machine in the near future.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO is on sale now.


Note: * denotes MRLP – Manufacturers Recommend List Price – and is not inclusive of Dealer Delivery Charges or Government Statutory Charges. See your nearest Dealer for accurate pricing.


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