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The Italian Job Hits Newtown


Mark Wahlberg may not be in town, but one of his more famous co-stars is.

The Newtown LAC have taken on a new recruit, the Mini Clubman, to patrol the streets of the urban inner-western suburb.

Wrapped in full police livery, the MINI Clubman was formally assigned to Detective Chief Inspector Crime Manager Damian Goodfellow at MINI Garage Sydney in Alexandria.

“Newtown Police are appreciative and very excited to accept the keys to the Mini Clubman,” said Goodfellow. “We know it will be a great conversation starter as it will turn a lot of heads and generate a lot of interest in our local area; it’s such a great looking car.”


Simon Macedone, Dealer Principal of MINI Garage Sydney, is no stranger to lending cars to the LAC’s of Sydney. Last year, he handed the keys fob of a BMW i8 to Rose Bay LAC.

“Last year was the BMW Group’s centenary year – and a great year for MINI in Australia with sales up 12.7 per cent. The MINI Clubman played a major role in this success as one of the newest models to join the current MINI line-up,” said Macedone. “We’re thrilled to continue the MINI’s success in 2017, and our commitment to the community, with the handover of the of our second dedicated police vehicle, the MINI Clubman.

“The Clubman is the perfect vehicle to navigate the narrow streets of Newtown,” he said.

I for one can attest to this statement, having been pulled over in Newtown many years ago by a Holden Commodore Highway Patrol (I was in a Ford Falcon) and neither one of us could safely move off the road, nor could we get down a side street to carry out our business.


The Clubman will hit the streets right away, mostly attending community events and helping to boost the departments profile in the wider area. It’s quirky style should fit right into the suburb born from edgy, out there stylings.

This vehicle loan is comprehensively covered by MINI Garage Sydney at no cost to the tax payer. It’s great to see more and more LAC’s using cars to connect with the wider community. Remember, Cops are Tops – and they get to drive the cool cars.



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